André Neves &
André Neves

Front-End Developer/Meteor Enthusiast

Developer with a keen eye for design. When you like what you do, learning is a breeze. Why not have the best of both worlds?


Measure twice, 'code' once

Knowlegeable in Meteor, React, Cordova, Ionic, NodeJS, MongoDB, Express, Backbone, Bootstrap, Foundation and many other frameworks. Git is my favorite tool.


From pixels to print

With extensive Adobe Suite skills, branding has become second nature: mockups and wireframes, business cards, logotypes, brochures and more.

The Skins


Design and development of the website for Brooklyn-based rock band The Skins. Animated map allows for automatic locating of shows on map during tours.

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Phoncert &
Phoncert Live


Project included creation of App Landing Page and Front-end of Phoncert's web platform.

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Wreckroom Records


Design of the website for Music Incubator Wreckroom Records. Founded by actor Adrian Grenier, the incubator aims to provide up and coming bands get their name out.

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Bednark Studio


Design of the website for fabrication facility Bednark Studio. Bednark's clients include Google, GQ and Ralph Lauren.

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Steven James Collins

Design/Wordpress Development

Design and development of the Content Management System (CMS) used by LA-based photographer Steven James Collins.

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SE Corporativo


Design and development of the entire web platform for Brazil-based elearning startup SE Corporativo.
Built with Meteor and NodeJS, the startup aims to stay ahead of competitors by using bleeding edge technology.

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This site was designed mobile-first, which means that it adjusts to screen size changes making sure that all content is pleasantly displayed in all devices.

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